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Omnia and Ombak Coffee.... all about coffee. Omnia coffee is a comprehensive project  with the aim to spread the love for the most amazing product in this world : Coffee

Hi, we are  Alista, Martin and Adam. We come from Indonesia and are a family owned Coffee shop. We sell Coffee, Pastry, Cakes, Salads and Sandwiches. Everything with a touch of Indonesia of course and only things that we are convinced of from local passionate suppliers and producers. 

Our coffee is imported from Indonesia as green beans and then locally roasted to our profiles.

 Come by and say Hi, we are looking forward to serve you good coffee .....

Everything we do is obliged to the goal of making coffee better. Better for each individual. We  want to give you the tools and knowledge to understand coffee better and appreciate the long journey from its origin till it becomes your beverage.

Thats why we also do give Home Barista Classes in House and even SCA CSP Modules with the official Exams and certifications from the Specialty Coffee Assosiation (SCA). Contact us and our In House AST Trainer for more information.

We take coffee very serious but ourselves not too much. We don't like to behave like rock stars, for us coffee is the rock star and can be a one for all of us just the way we like coffee the most.

We are passionate but not intimidating. We educate who wants to be educated and just leave all others alone enjoying a good time with our coffee hopefully realizing that there is a certain quality in each and every cup. Craftsmanship and Passion will come through and convince you that coffee can be something sweet and enjoyable without any addings.

After 20 years living and working in one of the biggest coffee producing Countries - INDONESIA - We returned bringing back home my biggest love in my life - My lovely wife Alista who owns the business and runs it with passion, my kids as well as COFFEE