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                                                                          Our coffees:

We only use Indonesian coffees of the highest quality
                          DIRECT TRADE - LOCALLY ROASTED

We buy directly from farmes in Indonesia with a 3 to 5x higher price than market prices and then locally roast according to our profiles at Henauer/P14 Coffee Roastery in Höri Zürich.

You can choose from various single origins from all known coffee regions in Indonesia. These coffees are ideal for filter coffees and manual brewing because they are light to medium roasted. A trained barista will also conjure up super nice espressos. As long as you control and adjust the extraction time and brew temperature correctly, many single origins will becomes an amazing experience as an espresso.

We are happy to share our recipe with you and of course you can have a free tasting with our baristas and experts at any time.

As our in house espresso  we use Sumatran Coffees. In Hopper one is the "Black Pearl". A 100% Arabica from Lintong North Sumatra,  We know the farmer and roaster personally and know how much love and passion they put into the product. Just as much as we do preparing this wonderful coffee for you.

As you would expect with a Sumatra coffee, it impresses with its good body, notes of chocolate,  herbs, floral notes and a citric acidity reminding of grapefruit, its light acidity makes the coffee appear interesting as an espresso. 

Black Pearl Stickerjpeg

Details to our Single Origins , Tasteprofiles and recipes you can find in our online shop.
You can also find all of our coffees conveniently delivered to your home in the ONLINE SHOP upon request...